Thursday, June 5, 2008

Edible landscaping, here I come...

Edible landscaping has been an idea that's intrigued me. Living in a community with small lots has left me with little room to meet the requirements for landscaping, the desire for a traditional garden and the need for space to play.

Exploring the idea of edible landscaping was on my agenda this year, with the idea to create an actual plan (a first for me) to start implementing in 2009.

Then my lowly tree was struck by lightning.

Either yesterday or the day before, the little maple was split up the middle, with a black charred hole about the size of a quarter about a foot from the ground. We'll have to replace it to meet said landscaping requirements for the homeowners association. I'm thinking a cherry tree as a possibility. I remember as a child having a cherry tree, and enjoying cherry dessert made by my mother (and getting seriously bored with pitting bowls upon bowls of cherries destined for the freezer.) Given my oldest child's love of food, I think a cherry tree might make for a great match, though I'm unsure whether it's too late for the year.

This weekend's project, given the 90+ degree forecast, is to swing by the library and check out the few books they have on edible landscaping.

Can anyone recommend other resources to learn more?


Corie said...

I don't know a thing about edible landscaping, but I do know I LOVE our yoshino cherry tree. It's beautiful, cute, not too tall, grows quickly...but I'm not sure how edible the cherries would be. The only trouble you might find with this kind is that the birds LOVE the cherries, so we actually don't see many of them. You'd have to stay on top of picking, I guess. Anyway, it's a really pretty tree. It has beautiful white and pink flowers for about a week in the spring. I just love it! (And since you've been to my house, it's the one at the corner of the sidewalk, where it meets the driveway.

Robbie said...

Actually I think it would be a great idea for you! Plant some blueberry or raspberry bushes and block the view of your neighbors' junky vehicles.

Oh, wait, those are produce.... If only you could plant the cocoa bean in Indiana!

Robbie said...

OK it's not specifically about edible landscaping, but Carol's blog has some great information on gardening for produce and for show. (I am so jealous looking at her photos, but at least it is possible to get things to grow in Indy! Web address is