Thursday, June 19, 2008

Is oil a 'divine gift'?

Today's opinion page in the Indianapolis Star includes an interesting letter. In it, the writer recaps the story of the man trapped by a flood and offered rescue three times. Each time, he refuses, stating God will rescue him. At his death, he questions God, who replies that he did provide the assistance, but that it was refused.

This writer takes the analogy and applies it to the American oil crisis:

I liken this to our complaining about the cost of gasoline and about OPEC. God
provided the bounty. All we have to do is go after it. But we waste time looking
at other sources, making silly excuses, when his supply was right in our
backyard all along.

(You can read the complete letter here.)

It's an interesting theory, that oil is a "divine gift" that we can use for our benefit. But I have to wonder, is it not then like many other gifts we may have been given by the higher power of your choice, that we might squander it?

Your thoughts?

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