Saturday, June 7, 2008

Raising Baby Green: 10 tips for new parents

Recently I read Dr. Alan Greene's book, Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care . It is very much written for the parent-to-be, though I found several great tips for those of us with little ones already in the house.

10 things I learned from Dr. Greene's book:
Raising Baby Green - Alan Greene
  1. If you're nervous about the gels or liquids inside traditional teething toys (as I am, since one leaked with my first), you can buy organic, machine-washable teething toys from several sources online. Or, moisten a wash cloth and cool it in the freezer.
  2. Talc-based powders, often used for diaper rash, may have small particles that can irritate your baby's lungs. To prevent diaper rash, instead, use a little fresh air.
  3. The best foods to buy organic are peaches, apples, bell peppers, celery and nectarines. The least worrisome are mango, pineapples, sweet corn, avocado and onions.
  4. Instead of commercial air fresheners, you can squeeze a lemon into the diaper pail. (Or, you can do as I do, and open those perfume samples from the magazines and place them at the bottom.)
  5. Look for plastic toys for your child that are PVC-free.
  6. If you are bottle feeding, consider replacing rubber or latex nipples with silicone ones.
  7. If you're formula-feeding, choose powdered over liquid. BPA is present in many cans of conncentrated formula and can leach into it.
  8. If you choose any time to go organic, the most beneficial is before three years of age, when development is fastest.
  9. If you use cloth diapers, don't bleach. Bleach is absorbed by the cloth.
  10. Before loading up on adorable baby clothes, think green. While you can buy organic, the best things you can do are hit up a resale shop, get hand-me-downs or simply limit your purchases. Remember, your child will outgrow these clothes fast.
Read great tips that anyone can use from this book.

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fairtrade baby said...

I love the list! The tips are not only helpful in going green but they're also safe for the babies. Their health should always come first! Hm, you should also try this eco-friendly baby quilt I found.