Wednesday, June 18, 2008

When are gas prices worth it?

Gasoline prices have forced our family to make tough choices, particularly of late. It's influenced the jobs my husband's applied for. It was the reason I turned down a part-time teaching job at the local college's off-site location - 50 miles round-trip wasn't worth the pay. And it was the deciding factor in whether to attend my grandmother's funeral. Drive to Wisconsin and get a hotel or feed the kids for a few weeks. You make the call.
It's a realuty of today's rising gasoline prices. Even at $2 a gallon, my husband and I were already making choices about what was worth the drive and what was not.
But there are some things, even with our strained budget, that are still worth the drive at $4 a gallon.
My short list:
  • My amazing endocrinologist, 40 miles away. There's no one in the metro like her, and I refuse to can her because of the drive.
  • Along the same lines, my new PCP, so I can get access. Hopefully, I won't have to see either of them often.
  • On rare occasions, a drive to what my toddler has dubbed "the horse farmer's market" (the organic year-round farmers market at Traders Point Creamery. Have seen plenty of cows and chickens, but no horses.)
  • About as rarely, a drive to Fresh Market to stock up on bulk goods such as dried fruits and spices.

What is worth the drive for you?


Corie said...

First of all, I think it stinks that you had to choose between food and your grandma's funeral, and I hope you're doing OK with that. My thoughts are with you. Second, I have to say that there's not much worth the gas money these days, other than driving to Greenwood or Carmel to see my sisters on occasion. If we could stand the drive with two kiddos in tow, it would be worth driving out to Colorado to see my dad and stepmom once in a while (since it's been months since we've seen them), but we've not even considered it in reality. Just not enough dollars in the bank. Thirteen hundred miles at $4/gallon—even with a tiny car that gets 35 miles to the gallon—well, yikes. I feel your pain, girl.

Robbie said...

OK, it sounds crazy, but have you thought about going by train? I am not sure what the prices would be compared to driving or flying, but at least it could be viewed as an adventure. And, Amtrack is in our backyard!