Sunday, June 8, 2008

Washed out at the farmer's market, and a bit more...

Saturday mornings at the farmer's markets has developed to a long-standing tradition for our family. My toddler knows the vendors enough that they ask her about her tomatoes she's planted. And we know exactly who to turn to for questions or finding the best of a certain type of produce.

This Saturday, though, our plans were derailed. After several days of rains, Saturday was the tipping point for central Indiana. Homes and roads were flooded. A hospital was evacuated. Highways were shut down. In fact, we - and people in several other counties - were advised to stay in our homes.

Our family was fortunate in that we only had to cope with a few streets in our neighborhood with standing water and a blocked road leading to one entrance for our subdivision. But others weren't so lucky.

One town is 90% underwater. Another is threatened by a dam that isn't holding up. The town of Franklin is soaked, and it's doubtful that their market will be up for some time. There are other, much more pressing concerns for those families.

I'm grateful that no one has died from this travesty, though I'm saddened by all the lives disrupted. It certainly makes my life's challenges seem miniscule by comparison.

(PS: Want to gawk? Save the gas and look online. Having been through two tornadoes, I know all too well that those who are out to just stare at the damage truly get in the way of those families and volunteers trying desperately to clean up. Thanks!)

(Edited: Only one hospital was evacuated; another had to relocate its ER. Sorry - misunderstood the reports!)

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JessTrev said...

Glad you folks are all right. Sorry to hear about the flooding - we have had many without power the last couple weeks but nothing on your scale.