Saturday, July 19, 2014

Removing letters from a shirt - Easy way to revive old school spirit shirts

Not long ago we attended our church's annual children's clothing sale, and my daughter found a volleyball sweatshirt for the school's team that was to die for. She begged for it.

It was cute, I admit.

And 50 cents. I couldn't argue much. So I said yes.

And then I got home and realized. The sweatshirt was personalized.

Luckily it had vinyl lettering, which is typically heat transferred, so I wondered if the vinyl letters could be removed with heat too.

I went basic-basic and started with my hair dryer, heating the letters on high.

And it worked...After I heated the letters, I was able to peal the letters off the shirt! Now we have a low-budget way for my daughter to wear a team sweatshirt this winter.

easy way to remove letters from a shirt

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