Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fix your morning coffee fix

It's amazing how much our seemingly little habits add up over time. My brother estimated the other day that by packing a lunch each day, he'd save $1,500 a year between eating out and the gas costs associated with getting there.

But, as I mention regularly on this blog, you can take even smaller steps that can add up to making a big difference.

Take your coffee habit. Now, I'm not asking anyone to give up their daily fix - just rethink it a little (as much as you can first thing during the day.)

Rather than use those little stir sticks, grab a spoon from your kitchen drawer and stash it at your office. By getting rid of one stir stick a day, you'd save roughly a pound of plastic with little effort. And, if we all trashed our habit of those little plastic stir sticks, we would save 69 million pounds of plastic each year, according to CNET.com.


JessTrev said...

I hate those little things. I even feel bad about the wooden ones. Great idea. Have you seen the little plastic doohickey that they now stick in the sipping spout to keep it from sloshing while people walk? I've only seen them once or twice but my stomach dropped -- oh, great, another plastic entrant into the coffee mix.

Walking Green said...

There is a little store I stop in here sometimes for my coffee. They give you a discount if you bring your own cup, but sadly use styrofoam.

However, not to digress, they use spaghetti for stir sticks! It's sitting in the container waiting on you to grab it and stir away with. It's better than plastic at least!