Sunday, March 23, 2014

No electronics for now

My dearest daughter,

I'm saddened to learn that you're distressed about your digital life. That you're "the only one in the entire third grade who doesn't have an electronic."

I'm sad because when I pick you up at extended care, I see groups of you huddled around a hand-held device. I'm sad because you think that somehow you're missing out because you don't have an iPhone 5 or a iPad or other digital tool.

Yes, mommy has an Android. And yes, she's stuck using it a lot. For work. This is what happens when mom runs social media. But most times I resent having that device. I resent the fact that it interferes with my life, that I need to run to the phone when I get an alert to make sure it's not a complaint or burgeoning crisis.

I miss the days when I was unplugged. When I wondered aloud "Why do I need to have a cell phone?" When 30 channels had nothing on, and then I moved on.

But it's not about me. This letter is about you.

If I have the news on, I can happily work on laundry or dishes and listen in the background. But even a commercial is cause for you to stop whatever you're doing. And yes, I realize some of your homework is now computerized but I don't like you fighting with your brother for game after game on abcya.

There's an awesome world to explore. In nature, in books, in relationships. And when you're hiding behind a device - whether a TV, a computer or a game player - you're hiding from the world. You're hiding from conversations, from craft, from life.

When you grow to the ripe old age of 39, you'll realize that you don't recall the shows you watched on TV or the games you played online. You'll remember the fights you had with your brother playing Sorry, the worms you dug for with your neighbor in the garden, the friendships you made at soccer.

So baby, let's stay unplugged, for just a little bit longer.

Love, Mom.

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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brownie Snacks Badge: Campout Menu

Brownies Snack Badge | Menu for Camping with Brownies | Brownie Girl Scouts | Scout Camp
Cooking with 14 Girl Scouts is a challenge, especially in a meeting format. If you're ready to take on the challenge of a campout or day camp setting, this is the perfect way for Brownies to earn their Snacks badge!

Sample Menu:
- brown bag

- hot dogs
- veggie faces and homemade vegetable dip (savory snack)
- foil-grilled or baked cinnamon apples
- patriotic punch (slurp a snack)
- S'mores (sweet snack)

- Make your own trail mix bar (eat for energy!)
- juice boxes or milk

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Looking for more Girl Scout ideas? Visit my new scout leader resource site, Use Resources Wisely. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Green Bean Delivery: 5 reasons to love the "Big Green Box"

Friday evenings, when we get home, my kids go never just inside. Instead, my youngest sprints to the  back door to see if the "Big Green Box" has arrived.

We've been happy members of Green Bean Delivery for years. This organic produce and natural product delivery service has been a wonderful addition in our home as we try to reach a healthier lifestyle.

We heard about Green Bean Delivery through one of the local green magazines, and decided to test it out. My husband initially balked about the price, but as we quickly found the produce far surpassed any of the offerings we could find at our local grocery stores. (That, and at the time, we had toddlers, so not having to check out produce while juggling two little ones was an extra blessing!)

Here are five other reasons to check out - and love - getting the Big Green Box in your home:

  1. The quality and options are amazing. I love that I can have delivered to my home organic Asian pears, local apples, local shitake mushrooms and more. And, I love that in those rare instances that the quality isn't up to their standards, they will substitute an item - with an apology!
  2. It's completely customizable. Unlike with a CSA subscription, you can decide not to partake in a certain item - or load up on something you love. Needless to say, you won't see a lot of peppers or kale in my box! You can also add on items as well.
  3. You can start or stop at any time. Green Bean typically offers a weekly or every other week delivery option, but you can log in and even set your account to deliver on certain weeks if desired. I typically put my account on hold during the summer to support my local farmers, and there is no problem with that.
  4. Customer service is wonderful. Any time I have contacted customer service, I have received a response within hours. In the rare instance an item was bad, I was immediately credited on my account. 
  5. They look out for their people. We've had several storms that have shut down our city this past winter, and I'm impressed that Green Bean Delivery has sent out notices saying its delaying delivery by a day or two to keep their employees off the roads. 

We usually get a large produce bin every other week ($49), but they have two smaller bin options as well.

Green Bean Delivery has grown to include Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Muncie, Anderson, Columbus, Ohio, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Harrison, Batesville/Oldenburg, Louisville, Lexington and St. Louis. For more information visit

New/returning GBD lovers! Green Bean Delivery has a special discount code for you: “15GGMml” It is good for $15 off your first order and expires March 8. It is for new members and reactivations only.