Tuesday, June 3, 2008

One man's trash is...another man's trash

Free isn't always a bargain. If you're drowning in clutter or things that you don't have the time or means to fix, don't hang onto it. Find a way to repurpose it or find an appreciative home.

That's been my philosophy, anyway, something that causes a bit of friction with my mother-in-law on a routine basis. (Broken chair anyone? I know it just needs to be recaned...) In my home, outgrown children's clothes go to Fresh Star. Books go to the preschool my neighbor works for. Magazines go to the hospital for bored visitors in the waiting rooms. Things that can get recycled do.

Still, other things have had a more difficult time in finding a more appreciative home. Scrapbook magazines, eagerly snatched up on a message board, collect dust on my shelves while I wait for a stamped envelope to arrive to collect them. My child's outgrown Kansas Jayhawk shirts, unlikely to find an appreciative home in Hoosier territory, have been posted on Zwaggle for two months. No takers yet, and the shirts are free! (Not even a national championship could free them...)

As if a yard sale's existance wasn't enough proof, one man's trash may well be just another man's trash.

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