Thursday, August 14, 2008

Discretionary challenge midway point

If calories burned are more than calories in, you lose weight. That is the one good, tangible thing about this discretionary eating challenge: I finally broke through a post-baby plateau.

I am halfway through Chili's discretionary eating challenge and I set several lofty and possibly unobtainable goals for myself:

  • Avoiding restaurants, take-out, prepared deli foods, and frozen meals.
  • Avoiding highly processed and refined food stripped of its nutrients.
  • Avoiding sugary foods and drinks.
  • Avoiding food eaten after physical hunger is satisfied (or to fix a low blood sugar).
  • Watching my caffeine intake. Note I didn’t say significantly reduce!!

Why did I do this to myself? Because if I only aim halfway, I won't put in the effort. And the reality is I go out with great intentions and then backslide.

So how have I been doing? Here are just a few candid observations I've made:

  • I'm doing 10 times better at packing lunches for work, but I fail to factor in healthy snacks and have been called to more work-related lunches than I've been to in a long time. I won't call out any coworkers specifically, but apparently our most productive meetings occur at Enzo's Pizza.
  • I struggle with breakfasts. It's tough when you've admittedly been dependent on a morning diet of prepackaged oatmeal, containers of yogurt or Eggos. Even harder when a 3 year old demands frozen waffles or cereal most days - you wind up weighing the time demands of extra cooking plus managing a tantrum when the tired one doesn't get what she wants to start the day.
  • I have more energy overall, but I'm finding my Diet Coke habit is directly correlated with Olympic coverage and teething.
  • I could kill for some really good dark chocolate. Good thing no one's brought any into the office!
  • Is it me, or does everything have added sugar or artificial sweeteners in them?
  • It's a challenge to explain to my husband that I really don't need dinner after a late meeting. He's sees a diabetic; I know I'm not hungry,

I admit it's difficult to see the impacr of a few less envelopes of prepackaged oatmeal or one less soda. But, it's all about a growing awareness of what we produce.


JessTrev said...

You rock - thanks for sharing your struggles. I have been doing pretty well while just solo but your comment about work hits home - I am home with my kids and soon to be working from home more - which is easier than if people are visiting me. We had a few celebrations which made my 100% no sugar/alcohol pledge a joke. I've been doing lots more vegetarian fare, but not so much vegan? But I agree, it's been so worthwhile, and I think the added consciousness is what's important, not the tally of Eggo-free mornings. ;) Habits die hard.

Robbie said...

I agree! And it's even harder when you get derailed. This a.m. I got called out after a meeting for grabbing a pack of cookies to tide me over (nothing else portable mid-morning in the cafeteria( after the yogurt I'd brought from home apparently is dead. Glad people read my blog, and you're right, it does raise awareness of our trash!

Chile said...

You should let Diet Coke know that they need to use you in Olympics ads. ;-)

Sorry to hear some parts have been a challenge. I'm going to be posting soon about easy meals and easy snacks so maybe you'll get some ideas.

For the oatmeal, you can mix up your own quick-cooking oatmeal mixes using quick oats. Quick internet search yielded this.

Robbie said...

Darn. I knew I forgot something - "Get sponsorship deal."