Monday, August 18, 2008

Schools love stuff

School has been in session less than a week, and already the fundraising sales have begun.

Friday evening, no less than five minutes after entering my house, our bags barely touching the floor, the doorbell rang. A neighbor girl was at the door, flyers in hand, for cookie dough and magazine sales. Two minutes later, two more girls I’d never even met before pounced, pushing candles. It has begun.

Now I understand tax dollar don’t support education and extracurricular efforts the way they used to, but I tire of fundraising activities for each and every component of our children’s lives, PTA. Soccer. Clubs. Scouts. Once-in-a-lifetime trips. Our old daycare even got into the game – and my child was one at the time!

The amount of junk pushed is simply disgusting. I admit I’ve gotten pickier as the years go by. It used to be in fairness I’d buy one thing per coworker. Now, it’s whether it fits my life.

Magazines? Not so much.

Christmas wrap? Depends on the year.

Cookie dough? If I have freezer space, it goes for holiday guests.

Pizza? You’re getting warmer.

Honestly, I appreciated my cousin’s approach when raising funds for a trip overseas – a direct appeal for cash, which is in the end what it’s all about.


JessTrev said...

I hear ya:

...and don't forget the list of stuff you have to buy (school supplies) -- I lost mine and I swear it was a passive aggressive move!

Robbie said...

I love some of your ideas! I will have to pass it along to the school at my church. I'm all for giving back - and not just in funds. Anything we can do that serves double duty is fantastic.