Friday, August 1, 2008

Writer wrap-up for the weekend

A friend of mine e-mailed me yesterday and wrote, "How do you have time to write a blog?"

Because I only have two kids? Honestly, I don't know. I make time. It's an outlet for me, and far quicker and less messier than trotting out my scrapbook supplies, which are bound to find their way to a 3 year old's fingers.

Still, it's been one of those weeks when time for my outlet just didn't happen. I admit I've been strangely quiet this week. Coping with several crisises at the office, battles over bedtime and preparations for company this weekend has left me with little time to plan posts.

So, to make up for my slacking, here are a few other writers whose comments I've enjoyed recently:
And, just to know that someone is able to grow things that aren't dying this year, take a look at bloomingwriter's site and feel a little green -- with envy.

Have a great weekend!

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lafever said...

I'm learning that, like anything else, blogging has a rythim or a pace that you have to find. I have yet to get it right but I am improving. I have four kids!


Anonymous said...

I feel the same way! I have a hard time sneaking a few minutes to read other posts much less write my own! I only have 1 kid!

Robbie said...

I do a few things to help me keep on track...
I'll admit with a journalism/publications background, I'm a little more akin to planning an "editorial calendar." There are definite ideas that I kick around in my head that I prefer to write about. I've also started jotting my posts through my cell phone to post later.
Finally, the great thing about Blogger is I can schedule posts, which means I can work ahead to keep some consistency on this blog.
I hope everyone enjoys it! I have truly loved doing this site.

Chile said...

I can usually find time to throw up a quick post, link, or rant. It's the heavily-researched posts that take a lot of time, or the ones that need a lot of organized detail. When I'm really busy, those get put on the back burner because of the mental energy they require.

Life happens. Blogs have to fit in where they can. :)

Robbie said...

Chile, you rant? Never... : )
That's why I love reading ya'.