Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Finding a new life for tired music

Each morning, en route to work, I pop in a compact disc into my car. And each morning, I sigh and mutter, Can't listen to that in front of "them," and hit fast-forward through all my "oldies" but goodies (?). So much for my trips down memory lane.

Guns n' Roses? Gone.

Poison? Plenty of phrases I'm just not ready to explain - or hear my child repeat.

Quiet Riot? Quite the eye-opener when your then 2-year-old parrots back "girls rock your boys" on the first time she's heard the song.

Ugly Kid Joe's "I hate everything about you?" (purchased after being dumped of my now-husband on Valentine's Day) Out of the question when you're trying to knock "hate" out of someone's vocabulary.

Keep laughing. I've probably got them all.... And for the record, my spouse is the bigger problem, with his penchant for burning custom compact discs.

While I'm not prepared to get rid of my compact disc collection just yet, there are some that are admittedly just cluttering up my bedroom. I could probably get rid of those demo CDs from my tenure at the college newspaper, but haven't. Frankly, no one would take them.

There are places you can go to recycle those CDs. Or you can be crafty and do something with them. I've seen them as elements in scrapbook pages. But there's much, much more that people have apparently tried in that bored moment on a rainy afternoon. suggests these ideas (and many more):
  • Christmas light reflectors or decorations
  • Coasters
  • Candle displays
  • Recrafted into bowls
But the most creative use of old music I've seen is this: turn them into weights. Maybe for your New Year's Resolutions, you can tackle two bad habits?


Corie said...

Your hubby dumped you on Valentine's Day? What was he thinking?! :o) I'll have to remember to give him a hard time about that one!

And yes, I know what you mean about little ears and modern music. About the only music I can tolerate that is safe is Christian music. Not terrible, but not my first choice, either. It beats the Alvin and the Chipmunks soundtrack by a long shot! (Ooohhh those annoying voices!) And even that has some words that border on the questionable side. Good luck with that!

Anonymous said...

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Robbie said...

Corie-I'll share that story with you another time!
: )

Robbie said...


Thank you for sharing your site, however, it would have been more beneficial to see less rhetoric about what your organization is about and more actual information that might benefit the consumer.

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Will there be garbage strewn everywhere because there is no landfill space left?

Those are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night.

EnviRambo said...

This is a clever idea and it made me laugh. I love seeing what other people repurpose items into.

Remember when people would work out at home with soup cans?

Arnie Webster said...

I think that if you used to listen to Guns N Roses, you might also like Aerosmith, AC DC, Motley Crew and Ozzy Osbourne. The thing is that I also love Guns n Roses and I listen to all the listen above bands.