Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Cutting back costs isn't just happening in your kitchen

Are you cutting back on what you pay for groceries? Making substitutions to save on cash?

Guess what: You aren't alone.

Major food companies are doing the same thing. And you'll be paying the price in the convenience foods you buy.

Cheaper spices. Ingredient swaps. Nothing is sacred - not even your chocolate, which is a little less so. Hershey is swapping vegetable oil for cocoa butter, reports the Wall Street Journal.

Some companies are altering ingredients on such a small level that most consumers would never notice. Spokeswoman Nicole Reichert says Cargill has seen increased demand from food makers for dairy substitutes such as enzyme-modified dairy ingredients and starches and hydrocolloids. Starches and hydrocolloids are thickening and stabilizing agents that can replace costlier ingredients like nonfat milk solids in ice cream, processed cheese, yogurt, sour cream and dairy drinks. Adding enzymes to dairy ingredients can substitute milk or cream in some products.

Appetizing, isn't it? Maybe it's time to tinker with the idea of a home-cooked meal or two.


EnviRambo said...

All the more reason to grow and make your own. When will we learn?

Lisa said...

They won't sneak it by me. :) I always read ingredients, unless of course it's an ingredient haha.

I agree with Greeen Sheeep and also a good reason to when you feel a need for pre-packaged food to buy organic.

Robbie said...

I am just amazed though how much we as a society do depend on the prepackaged food.

Why buy a package of a dozen drops of cookie dough, when it's not much more difficult to make it yourself? (Not to mention therapeutic!)

Yes, there is some convenience to it, but you certainly sacrifice taste and health in the long run.