Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday morning musings

Random thoughts while I wait for the first Diet Coke in 24 hours to kick in...

  • Giving up anything cold turkey is not fun, no matter the reason (in this case, one part financial/one part situational--couldn't get to the store). So this probably evens out my week's attempt at the discretionary challenge. (Chile, this is where you say something really inspirational...)
  • I mentioned in my meatless meals post below that the bok choy from my CSA last week was a mushy mess by Monday. I may have found the reason why. According to the CSA's weekly post, "Choy is probably one of the most precious and fragile vegetables we handle. One little snap of the stalk and the leaf is dying within a day or so." Hmm...could have used the warning last week!
  • Speaking of my CSA, I actually tried okra for the first time this week. It took quite some time to find a recipe that didn't involve shrimp (as in gumbo) or frying (which I tend to stray from for health reasons.) I found a very simple recipe buried online: Slice the okra; slice some onions. Saute both in olive oil. (In retrospect, we would have added garlic as well.)
  • I have to come to terms that summer is over. I finally had the opportunity to go to the Wednesday-evening Greenwood farmers market last night, but it was just too late in the season. There were football players instead of stands. Maybe next year!
  • Speaking of, thanks to those who gave me moral support for my posts earlier this week about the little things we did and didn't do this summer. I think we're all guilty at one point or another at failing to see the little positives in a world where big changes are needed (fast).
  • Finally, I leave you with a great quote I read this morning by columnist Leonard Pitts Jr.: "We are becoming the stupid giant of planet Earth: richer than Midas, mightier than Thor, dumber than rocks. Which makes us a danger to the planet -- and to ourselves. This country cannot continue to prosper and to embrace stupidity."

The name of this Indianapolis CSA was deleted from this post on January 28, 2009. This small green parenting blog has been falsely accused of libel by this CSA and I will no longer promote them by using the name of the organization. The First Amendment is a beautiful thing, please do what you can to preserve it!

On Jan. 30, 2009, I removed links to the CSA's site. I am sorry if you can't handle the fact that the links were left; there were only a total of nine links in this post before I removed yours.


Cathy said...

Good for you for giving up Diet Coke--I wouldn't even attempt that one. I'm such a caffeine addict.

Lisa said...

Have you thought about getting a Soda Club soda maker? They make all there soda without HFCS and are working on all natural favors to come out in 2009. It's much less waste and cheaper in the long run.

It's what my hubby drinks now. (Oh less cals in the non-diet and the diets use splenda) I rarely drink soda but if I do I drink that. I mostly just drink ice tea for my caffeine.

I'm ADD so caffeine calms me lol. Trust me you don't want to be around me without some caffeine.