Tuesday, September 23, 2008

In the issue of fairness

Yesterday I whined about the list of things I'd meant to do this summer and didn't. In the sense of fairness, I should report that I wasn't a total environmental slacker.

Here's my report:

How was your summer?


EcoBurban said...

Ugh, do I feel your pain. Here in Michigan the mornings are dark and cold, nighttime coes WAY too fast and I regret all the things I didn't get done this summer. But, point well taken, I should be proud of what I DID get done! I bought all my produce from the farmers market, planted (and ate!) from my own container garden with my boys, I turned down the A/C, made frequent trips to the library and dusted off my bike and managed to squeeze in a few rides. I'm sure there's more but I'm too tired to remember... ;o)

Lisa said...

Don't feel bad that is a good list! I also didn't do a lot of what I wanted to this summer. But if we keep trying we will get there someday right?

Corie said...

I guess I made some progress. I started recycling plastics again (thanks to your blog, seriously...you always had me feeling guilty, which is for me actually positive reinforcement!), even though I have to drive them 15 miles away from my home to drop them off. I also purchased some reusable Target bags and have been trying (sometimes more successfully than others) to remember to take them with me when I shop. As for family fun stuff, I still feel like I failed miserably in that department! I managed to get my kids to the pool once...does that count? :o)

Robbie said...

Eco - I feel your pain. (When did it get dark at 8???) What did you put in your container garden this year?

Lisa- thanks for the point. If we don't do anything, we don't get anywhere.

Corie-when did I ever guilt you??? Glad you're using the bags though. Keep them by the car seats and you won't forget them!