Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Confessions of a light-green mom

Today I drank from a Styrafoam cup and didn't even blink.

Today I drank my fourth can of Diet Coke after several good days of cutting back, after a sleepless night.

Today I littered the bottom of my car with a few wrappers from mini chocolate bars from a gift basket I chomped on out of stress.

These are my confessions. Today I was a light-green mom, maybe even approaching the tan blandness of the blades of grass in my yard.

But here's the deal about going green. It's one step, one moment at a time. And sometimes we fall back before we storm ahead. Like a dieter, we binge and (hopefully) get back on track.

So for every misstep I take, hopefully tomorrow - or even later today - brings me an opportunity to help make this world a better place.


JessTrev said...

We have ALL been there. I am so with you. Tomorrow is another day, another opportunity. There is this great book for kids called Zen Shorts and if you've read it you will know what i am talking about. This little kid is really possessive of his beach toys and brings a zillion to this panda friend's tiny blow up pool and basically it ruins his day. He keeps ranting about how sucky his older brother is. Finally the little kid realizes how it's sucked the life out of their coulda been fun day. And the panda says, basically, don't worry about it. That's what you are carrying right now. So those tiny chocolate bars? Whatever, you needed them right now. Your thoughtfulness and care over the long term are what are important. Great post.

Carol Michel said...

Yes, the good news is we can start fresh, whenever, the next hour, later in the day, or first thing in the morning. It's all a process, a few steps forward, a step back. In the end, there is a difference!

(I like the story of the panda in the first comment...)

Robbie said...

Mamabird, I am going to have to find the Zen Shorts book - where did you find it? Might be great for my little one!