Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Green stress relief

Have you ever taken the life event quiz? The one where you note the stress-causing events (good and bad) over the last year?

According to the test I was given:
  • Score of 300+: 80% higher risk of disease in the next 12 months
  • Score of 150-299: 50% higher risk of disease in the next 12 months
I had a 469. I jokingly asked the speaker after the presentation if I was going to die. No, but I should do something like take a bubble bath by myself. Right, that would last about 30 seconds before I'd have company. Maybe I should buy his book, he said. Right.

So being a working mom, and one who's stress level is about as high as it gets, I started seeking out some low-cost, low-impact ways to reduce my stress for 30 seconds. Here are some to share with you:
  • Take a walk. Even if it's just circling the building.
  • Stop and smell the roses. Or coffee. Or look at the frog hopping by. By taking a few minutes at a toddlers' pace, you can relieve yourself temporarily from a situation.
  • Meditate, pray or even mimic your child's babbles constantly. You'll both wind up giggling.
  • Get herbal. Drink herbal tea or use herbal essential oils.
  • Try deep breathing. Yes, actually getting oxygen into your brain does help.
  • Dance. Dance with a date, dance alone. Dance with a toddler to Aerosmith's rendition of "I love trash" on a Sesame Street CD if you have to....whatever works. Music and exercise both help.
  • And if nothing else, invest in Endangered Species chocolate and feel a little less guilty!
If you have any other ideas, post them here, I may need them to get through the week!


Corie said...

I stand up and stretch. I know it sounds simple, but just getting off my butt and stretching my arms, back and shoulders goes a long way for me. Hope you can lower that stress level ASAP!

Tranquility is Yours said...

Great test. I work on keeping my stress levels low. It's not worth letting people or things get to you. You may also want to try the stress relief techniques at this site,

Carol Michel said...

Oh, yes, I highly recommend the Endangered Species chocolate, completely guilt free!

Robbie said...

Carol, I wouldn't say completely guilt-free, but I like the way you think!!