Monday, September 8, 2008

I see the moon....

"The moon! Look, Mommy, the moon!" my 3 year old exclaimed the other night. It was far too late, but as she peered anxiously out the window, the bright crescent of the moon beckoned out to her.

Maybe it was the wonderful weather, maybe it was just a whim. But I said, "Let's go out and see the moon!" The two of us trotted outside, sat in front of our tree and peered out at the moon. The clouds drifted over the moon, drifted past again, and teased us with the flickering of the stars. And we watched.

It's little moments like these that remind me that it's never too early to teach an appreciation for our world. Too often we take for granted the business of our lives, the "to-do" list and the technology, and we forget the little things of life. As I sat there, I realized my daughter probably won't grow up watching the stars at night, like I did at campouts when I was young, unless we encourage that path along.

She won't understand that tomatoes come on plants and not on grocery store stands, unless we encourage that path along.

She won't understand that nature is precious, unless we enourage that path along.

Writes GreenStyleMom:

We aren't waiting until our kids are older or waiting for a good green school curriculum. In our house, we don't just act responsibly, we discuss it. We are building a base that will be expanded as they grow. A way of life that is inherent to them as recognizing letters and counting objects.

And so I watch, and wait, and just appreciate those little moments.

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GreenStyleMom said...

Great post! Thanks for the quote!