Monday, September 22, 2008

End of summer regrets

I've seen the signs: the slowing trickle at the farmers market, the disappearing children in the evenings, the closure of the neighborhood pool and the opening of my windows at night.

And now it's official: Summer is over.

Fall screams by in Indiana, and it's certain that in a matter of weeks we could be at the risk of snow and freezing temperatures. It's something I haven't gotten used to in the six years I've lived in this state.

Fall is my favorite time of year, but summer is such a close second. But it's a season that hasn't been enjoyed as fully as I used to since having children. The traditions of old have been shortened and shaved to work around toddlers and pregnancies and naptimes and attention spans.

And there was so much I didn't do this year.

Inspired by Green Baby Guide's list of end-of-summer regrets, here's the list of things I'd meant to do this summer but just didn't. My list is longer; chalk it up to Catholic guilt.
  • Start a garden. This is the third year in this house, and the third year I'd meant to plant a garden and didn't. Sure, I've got some container plants and some herbs, berries and green onions planted haphazardly among our mandatory bushes, but a real garden? No. It's time I quit waiting on my neighbor to set up her fence and just move ahead in life.
  • Plan for my garden. Yes, I mentioned I'd wanted to do edible landscaping, but that stopped at the library books after my husband and I had a difference of opinion.
  • Plant my replacement tree. I am certain I will be found out by my homeowners association, when they realize that I am down to one and a half trees. Sorry. After the lightening strike and unemployment, my planned fruit tree is still on the wish list for the backyard.
  • Visit a you-pick farm. It would have been fun for my 3 year old, but the blueberry thing just didn't happen.
  • Fully take advantage of my CSA. As much as I've grouched about the variety, I confess that sometimes I gave up, shook my head and ignored the fact that random produce X was in my box and let it go to waste.
  • Get a compost bin. It's been on my list, and I can't do a "pile" in my neighborhood. I can't tell you how many weeks I've shaken my head as I prepped meals and thought I needed to get a compost bin. It's just not in the budget. (But, my birthday is coming!)
  • Hike or camp. I miss it. But I have a 9 month old. 'Nuff said.


Corie said...

Unfortunately, I know exactly what you mean. Where did the time go? What am I going to do with my ever-growing to-do list once the weather turns cold? I love, love, love fall, but you're right; it's gone much too quickly. We'll have to make an effort to get outside every day and enjoy it while it lasts. There is one good thing about winter, though: Christmas! (But I'm not excited about the cost and hassle and stress that brings, either.) Oh well, hope you get a chance to break away from work early today for a little mini-vacation in the sunshine with your little ones. Enjoy!

Rebecca said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with end of summer regrets!

You might want to check on Craigslist for a free compost bin. Also, I guess you can make your own with chicken wire and stakes (or so I've heard).

And there's always next year. . . .

Anonymous said...

We hope you join us this week for Thrifty Green Thursday. Your blog is full of frugal, eco-friendly ideas so you'd be a perfect fit! Thanks for the link love for us over at The Green Baby Guide!