Thursday, August 26, 2010

Full moon kind of week

I am so glad this seven-day stretch is nearly over.

Keeping up with two kiddos is tough enough under normal circumstances. Toss in a sick husband (I'm not sure what it is about colds that makes it like kryptonite for men...), vomiting followed by more time out of daycare for pinkeye for the toddler, 5-year-old meltdowns as we adjust to school life, the kitchen sink leaking everywhere (some seal broke), and the dishwasher suddenly deciding to do little more than click-click-click and we're ready for the week to be done. Currently, we're sitting here waiting for the repairman to take one of our worries off our list. (I will never be so glad to wash dishes!)

I suppose it could be worse. Take the case of our neighbors, who lately have been rivaling us in the bad-luck stretch category. Their house was struck by lightning. The daughter, who was laid off from the school, was suddenly denied unemployment because the state can't find records from her teaching the last two years. The future son-in-law has had his car totaled not once but TWICE in the last two weeks.

Really, it's been a full moon kind of week.

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