Friday, August 6, 2010

Mommy's little helper?

Lately I've become more cognizant that our family needs to spend our little time together actually being together. And one way I'm approaching this is opening up the kitchen.

Now, I've let my children "help" me in the kitchen since my oldest was one, but on a work night, we've largely shushed them away as we frantically fix a meal. No more. They want to be sous chefs? Great!

So I sent the kids to work with a dozen ears of corn to shuck the other night. Other than needing to start the toddler's ears for him, it was met with much success.

And then I noticed the oldest was skipping off to the bathroom, likely to wash produce. OK, so that was nothing new.

But then she came out, proudly announcing that she "got the strings (corn silk) off" -- using her brother's toothbrush!!!

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