Saturday, August 21, 2010

Squishy food

Packing school lunches is an interesting task for us. The good news is my daughter loves a lot of food.

The bad news are 1) I think her classmates' habits are rubbing off on her and 2) she's lost a front tooth. Which means along with it, she's lost her confidence.

Gone are the baby carrots we bought the first week of school. Gone are the shiny, red apples. Gone are crackers, or anything else with a crunch.

In the hopes of packing any kind of produce in her lunch, I've been reduced to the "fruit-only" bars and prepacked containers of applesauce.

Any other suggestions to make a meal?

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Jenn the Greenmom said...

How about yogurt? With fruit added?

I also often pack just a little container of "trail mix," which for my picky kids equals cereal and raisins or other dried fruit. I know it's not as good as fresh fruit, but it's something.

It's not produce, but how does she do with cheese? Or we often do buttered mini-bagels with butter (not as healthy) or fruit-only spread...