Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Natural Air Freshener for our Brownie Household Elf

The Brownie Household Elf badge requires the girls to learn about ways to naturally freshen the air, whether it's to grow and care for an indoor plant or creating a natural air freshener.

Unfortunately, the book gives an example that requires boiling liquids - not something you want to do with 16 excited girls!

We found some great ideas on Pinterest, though. One was particularly easy and got rave reviews from the girls and parents alike. ("We needed it last night," one mom said!)

Natural Air Freshener

Fill bottle with water until it begins to curve at the top. Add five drops essential oil. Cap and shake.

We designed Avery labels that the girls could label their bottles too. I'll post the template soon!
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Barb @ A Life in Balance said...

What a great idea! I'm saving this for our Brownies. We have a mixed troop of Daisies and Brownies.

Unknown said...

I'm new to girl scouts, can you tell me where you get the actual activity books for the Household elf badge? I have the Brownie Book and there are a lot of badge activities in there (Painting, Fair Play, Celebrating community, etc) but I seem to be missing some of the badges listed on the chart. I would be grateful for any advice!!! Thanks!!! Kim Cooper

Robbie said...

Hi Kim,
The Brownie book only has what they call the "legacy" badges in there - like first aid, cooking, etc.
You have to buy inserts for the badges that tie in (loosely) with the journeys. I think they totaled $12. The journey books again are additional.

Household Elf Requirements we did:
1) With family go on an energy scavenger hunt and unplug the things that don't need to be plugged in.
2) Think of 3 ways to save water and make a plan to save it.
3)Make a natural cleaner - I will post the recipe for that shortly too.
4) You can either recycle plastic bags at the store...or do as we did - collected plastic lids to send to a company in Evansville that specializes in that.
5) Make a natural air freshener. (See above.)

Happy to help you in any way I can and give ideas! email me at goinggreenmama at gmail dot com.

Becky Elmuccio said...

Cute idea for getting the kids involved with being green around the house. Thanks for sharing on Tuesday Greens!

Kaylison said...

This is adorable!

Please, when you have the time, post the Natural Cleaner recipe and the labels, I would greatly appreciate it! :)