Saturday, November 22, 2008

Binford Farmers Market report

The Binford Farmers Market made its November debut today at 62nd and Binford Avenue in Indianapolis, inside an empty store in the strip mall.

We arrived at the Binford Farmers Market just after 10 a.m., when the market opened, and it was already packed with shoppers trying to get goods for Thanksgiving weekend. While we didn't see the promised turkey vendor, we did see lamb and beef producers, a small number of produce tables (selling lettuces, shitake mushrooms, which I splurged on, and a few random items), and several stands offering premade cakes, bars and pies. Traders Point Creamery had samples of its egg nog, which was fabulous - if I wasn't diabetic and watching my weight, I'd have been all over that. Plenty of art booths were on hand as well. After all, Christmas is coming.

I credit anyone who tries to make a go of holding a farmers market in Indiana after November. It's a tough sell. Even with vendors selling homemade food items (pies, sauces, etc.) it's got to be a challenge to get a good variety of items out there.

If you're trying to eat seasonal and local and are looking for a basic mix of healthy produce or meats to round out your diet, you may have some luck at the Binford Farmers Market. However, if your budget is tight, this is not the place to do so. You will be able to find meats and produce far cheaper at the local grocery store, though it may not be local, organic or as fresh.

The Binford Farmers Market reopens in two Saturdays (Dec. 6).

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