Thursday, November 6, 2008

Making the most out of your gas savings

Last week, I was pleasantly surprised to fill up my gas tank for under $35. As gas prices have plummented in recent weeks - by more than half the peak prices we saw this summer - the temptation exists to drive more and relax about our overall use.

But wait. There's this little thing called "Supply and Demand." If we as a society drive more, gas prices are certain to rise again.

Instead, I usrge you to show the same sensabilities and restraint you showed when you were paying $4.25 or more a gallon this summer. And take advantage of these savings to reinvest in other energy-saving and environmentally friendly measures, such as:
  • CFL bulbs for your home
  • Weather stripping
  • Green cleaning products
  • Power strips (and use them to shut off power to items not in use!)

Or, save up for:

  • Edible landscaping
  • A compost bin
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • A hybrid (ha!)


Joy said...

So true! I too find that there's a natural compulsion to relax about energy consumption now that it isn't as costly, but cost shouldn't really be our motivation! Plus, as thrifty souls it's nice to invest in those other options as they will continue to pay us back in energy efficiency for months to come. Thanks for joining us this week for Thrifty Green Thursday!

suzannah | the smitten word said...

great point!

our composter is homemade (not by me), but i know it wasn't too pricy and works great.

Rebecca said...

I just noticed that gas prices have been going down. (I don't drive, so I don't follow gas prices too closely.) I wondered if people were going to start going crazy and driving more. I like your perspective much better! That's a great idea to take your savings and invest it in something green.

Rebecca said...

p.s. We just "tagged" you over at the Green Baby Guide. Check out Sunday's post to see what that is all about!