Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's on tap at Going Green Mama

I concede that this week has been a little quieter on the blog front. Life occasionally gets in the way, so thanks for checking back.

Here are some stories in the works on Going Green Mama:
  • My first season with a CSA wrapped up this weekend. I'll share my thoughts and offer my advice for people considering subscribing for 2009.
  • Yes, it's strange I am still picking Indiana strawberries from my front yard (particuarly since we had a dusting of snow overnight!). But even if the markets are closed for the winter, there are still ways to eat seasonally. I'll share some ideas and some recipes to try, including some you may want to consider for Thanksgiving weekend.
  • I'll be hosting the December APLS Carnival. Look for the announcement soon!
  • Find gift ideas for doggie parents and spa lovers in our weekly Homemade Holidays feature.
  • Next month, look out for a real-world review of several brands of cloth diapers. If you have squirmy babies, a day job and no time, this review is meant for you!

Thanks again for reading Going Green Mama.

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