Monday, November 17, 2008

Homemade Holidays: For man's best friend

Perhaps in your family, you've got a grand-dog instead of a grandkid. If your favorite pooch needs to be spoiled this holiday season (or for any other reason), there's little reason to dash to the store to buy a box of treats, or, even worse, a "pet stocking" filled with treats.

Here are some recipes for your favorite pet:

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EcoBurban said...

My two pooches will thank you. Though, I don't consider my organic, local PB doggie worthy (sheesh, that would be like $35 for treats!) but I love the bagel idea! Our dalmatian puppy can chew through anything, so I'm going to make those extra crunchy!

Doreen/ said...

Great idea! Budgets are tight and our kids would LOVE to whip up some doggie treats for our beloved, Bella!