Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The tale of the insecticide cake

I care about the environment. I think most of us do.
And for years, I recycled my newspapers and cans, frequented the farmer's market, and basked in my 40-mpg Toyota Echo on my commute.
And then came the cake.
There was a party at work last year, and we all ate the cake and joked about how funny it tasted.
A few weeks later, the person in charge said it turned out that it was laced with insecticide.
And I was pregnant.
Thankfully, we learned he was wrong, but it got me thinking. What am I ingesting on a daily basis (besides my beloved Diet Coke)? Should I go organic completely? Is there more I can be doing?
I started searching for information, and it's tough to find good information for people who aren't living in places like Seattle or San Francisco or who have a big budget. I live and work in a Midwestern suburb, and don't have the luxury of a large lot to grow my own produce. We also don't have many community resources to grow green.
So, after several months of consideration, I've started this blog as a way to share the information I've learned, so that the "everyday moms" can make a small difference in our world.

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