Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sweet idea from Stonyfield Yogurt

I love yogurt, but the down side is it generates trash on a daily basis. Unfortunately, we can't recycle #5 containers here, and most brands come in #5 plastic containers.

I recently learned that Stonyfield Yogurt will take back its yogurt containers for recycling. You can send your clean cups to: Stonyfield Farm, 10 Burton Drive, Londonderry, NH 03053. From there, they are recycled into Recycline brand razors and toothbrushes (both of which can also be recycled later into plastic lumber).

Granted, it would take a lot of containers to make the shipping worthwhile, but consider that those containers can get a second or third life instead of filling up a landfill. Sweet idea.

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Walking Green said...

You can also save your yogurt containers and send them to TerraCycle. They will recycle them and turn them into the sprayers for their organic "worm poop" fertilizer.

My bottle came in a coke bottle they had recycled (with the red ring still on it)!