Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Plastic baby bottles: Another reason to stress

I am an anomoly in the moms-of-infants world. We "breastfeed electronically."

I pump full-time because the "traditional" method didn't work for us, and because I believe the benefits of breast milk for a child's long-term health are that strong. So seeing on the news this morning that I'm setting my children up for hormonal problems by delivering breast milk by bottle did not sit well at all.

The problem? We chose plastic.

I'll admit that I got lots of free samples from Babies R Us (Avent loves to distribute them), and that's what we're using. And I can hardly affored to switch out to all-glass at this point.

The good news is they have the lowest levels of leaching BPA compared to other brands.

What's a mom to do? Avent's Web site had nothing on reducing your risk, but I did a little research. According to what I've read:

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