Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Disposing of drugs

As a concerned mom, I have labeled all of our medication bottles with large, black expiration dates and toss as soon as they expire to prevent poisoning. Little did I realize I was still impacting those around us by improperly disposing of my medications.

According to the Indiana Department of Environmental Management:

leftover pharmaceutical products, whether in liquid or solid form, cause problems once they are disbursed into the environment. Our wastewater facilities are not designed to remove pharmaceutical waste.

As a result, all of these items should be disposed of with the same attention as hazardous waste materials. Some reminders to consider:

  • Never pour medications down the drain or toilet. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if they will accept unwanted or expired pharmaceuticals.
  • Never give or sell unwanted or expired medicines to family or friends.
  • Take unwanted medicines and electronic equipment to special collections in your community.
Learn how to properly dispose of your medications.

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