Saturday, April 12, 2008

Buy nothing update

I've decided I should be a politician. I'm finding too much "gray" area into a buying nothing challenge.
  • Is it "buying" if it doesn't cost anything? The baby needs shorts for the summer (don't want to toast legs in a car seat when it's 90.) Had a $10 coupon for the used kids store that went for that purchase.
  • What is "essential?" I guess that's more of a philosophical question for me to answer.
  • Do gifts count? Such as, the Mother's Day gift for my mom I have to order because it has to be produced (not discussing in case she reads it), and I'm not sure if waiting until May will give us enough time. And, the baby's baptism is in May, but the Christian bookstore in town will gift a percentage back to the church if an item is purchased this month. Obviously, it makes more sense to make a difference with what you buy.

Anyway, just a little rambling, partly because I'm not in the happiest mood. During a 15-minute or so nap, my expensive-but-worth-it aromatherapy lotion that got me through the back pain of pregnancy treated a Care Bear's back instead, and I figure about 1 cup of it was used by my toddler, between her belly, her blanket, the bear and my sheet! There may be a whopping tablespoon left. Frustrating. I guess that's not essential, either, though maddening.

I did have a few successes this week, though:

  • Planned to go to the local Mothers of Multiples sale to pick up a double jogging stroller. Decided en route the 2-seater we already have is pretty sturdy and will likely work through this summer. Took the toddler to the library instead to arm up with books.
  • Have decided to hold off on buying any work clothes, even though it's desparately needed.
  • Called in to a board meeting instead of wasting the gas to drive downtown. (OK, that one was less about environmentalism and more about the downpour outside, but I will count it.)
  • Decided to plan my meals for the week.
  • Held off on buying any NCAA National Championships gear from the University of Kansas bookstore. Now if that's not sacrifice, I don't know what is!

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