Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Afternoon at Anderson Orchard

Twist and pull.

All the way to Anderson Orchard in Mooresville, I heard that sage advice: Twist and pull, and that way you won't break the bud, and more apples can grow there. So says my well-versed 5 year old.

For our family, field trips mean activity. And while visiting places like Apple Works in Trafalgar have become a fall family tradition, between school and visitors, they will have visited it three times before the snowfall hits. So when I learned about Anderson, and how a fellow family at daycare loved it, we figured it was worth the drive to check it out.

And it was worth it. The children loved hiking (as my toddler put it) through the rows of apple trees and were thrilled to be able to harvest bags of red, yellow and green apples from the low-hanging branches. My toddler announced the apples were "juicy and crunchy" when he snuck his first bite. Pumpkins promised new another visit when their cousin is coming next month. A small shop offered pre-bagged apples of more varieties than you could count, nuts, persmissons and more. And, yes, there was a playground for them to burn off some energy.

Anderson Orchard may become our next fall treat!

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Anonymous said...

Oh, how cool.

We go every Columbus Day to a local orchard to pick apples, wander the pumpkin patch, walk the corn mazes, and gorge on fresh apple cider doughnuts. This year it was almost a bust, since some combination of last year's weird frost patterns and an early but meager season meant that by Columbus Day weekend the apples were pretty much gone, though we did find one place where there were still a few on the tree...

It was a really great day.