Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fancy Nancy tea party: Coming soon!

Another fabulous contribution from the Green Eyed Monster, who is counting down the days until 5...

I want a Fancy Nancy tea party birthday. Mommy and I are going shopping today. I will have friends over and lots of people. We will cook parfaits. We will dance. I think that's all in my story.

Parental clarification:

The cool thing about a "Fancy Nancy" themed tea party is that the books are about a precoscious little girl who plays dress-up and uses big words and her imagination. So it's a fun opportunity to hit the resale shops for old tea cups, linens and decorative items and dress-ups! We'll write more about how we did it after next weekend's soiree.


Janel said...

I love Fancy Nancy -- wish I could come to the party. Pictures?

Lisa Nelsen-Woods said...

I'm having a Fancy Nancy tea party too. My husband's relatives are coming over for a ladies brunch with tea, coffee, and treats. Some of those ladies like to use big words to impress people too (while looking down their noses at others - sigh) I'm sure your tea party will be so much more fun!

Robbie said...

I hear you. :)
Either way, it's still a lot of work - hope yours is relaxing, though!