Thursday, June 17, 2010

Papa's present

A kid-friendly Father's Day idea!

A few weeks ago, I went to an open house for work, and as usual giveaways are thrust in your hands as you churn through the building. I suppose I could have said no, but being tired (and usually on the hunt for something similar for other activities), I picked up the items proffered.

And at the day, I looked at my loot. In there was a glass candy jar. Not exactly practical in my desperately-needing-a-diet world.

But Father's Day was coming up rather quickly. And the kids wanted to do something for their Papa, who was visiting last weekend.

Sneak into the scrapbook supplies (mom assisting this time, of course), and we had our solution. My daughter happily stamped blue flowers on a small band of paper. We took a scrap of yellow paper and mounted it on a random piece of chipboard that I've yet to use for years. Stamped the phrase "Papa's Treats" on it. My daughter wanted to add the dot stamps - which happily covered over the fact the cheap stamps had borders that were appearing randomly on the paper. Adhered on with glue dots, filled with peppermints and 10 minutes later, done! A fast project, proud gift-giver and, most of all, appreciative grandpa.