Thursday, May 6, 2010

Dandelions for dinner?

My yard is the bane of the neighborhood.

And it's not because we're being green. Two years of unemployment and underemployment of my husband have left no funds for even keeping our grass reseeded. What it means is clover's invaded, and there's a sea of those yellow flowers spreading across my lawn.
I suppose I could pull them. But it brings back bad memories of one spring in Kansas, where I sat outside my rental for hours, pulling dandelions, only for it not to make one dent.

If I can't beat them, though, I guess I could eat them. Yep, people were paying good money for dandilion greens at the Bloomington Winter Market a few weeks back. And I've seen recipes for them ranging from salads to smoothies. (Of course, you could also kick back with a glass of dandelion wine after a tough day at work...)

I'm sure it is fine. And I certainly haven't put anything on my lawn the last two years that would cause any chemical concerns. But I'm struggling with the idea of actually eating my weeds instead of getting rid of them a more conventional route.

Instead, I'll stick with my favorite solution: Joyfully accept a bouquet of them from one of my children, who think those flowers are just perfect for mom.

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