Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puerto Rico, day 2

The sun blared through my blinds before 6 a.m. - 5 my time, and the birds were singing like crazy, each blending into a song.

10 hours of sleep is a beautiful thing.

This morning, I lazed in a hammock again reading my book for hours - a joy with the breezes, the birds, the clouds blowing over the mountains. While it's hard for me to slow down, this was a welcome opportunity.

Today is a decidedly warmer day, and it looks like rain is in the horizon. At least the mountains are out of view. We're planning to visit Old San Juan today, now that the protests have passed. I'll probably look for a small treat for my children as well, but it's always a challenge to find something that's not junky or a "Mom went to Puerto Rico and got me this" T-shirt. I'd stopped in the bookstore the other day to look for a Juan Bobo story - the kids had heard about it on Super Why on PBS - but unfortunately it was out of stock. And if I really wanted to order it in-store I could do it at my bookstore at home.

Yesterday we were blessed with cooler weather and a few sprinkles, compared to Monday's rain. We drove to a small town called Dorado, and visited one of the many beaches along the coast. The trick for us was finding one not clouded by runoff from the previous day's rain - much of the water had turned a cloudy brown from the dirt. We settled down at Cerra Gordo, watching the waves crashing against the reefs, swimming and feeling the sand and seaweed against our toes.

After some time in the ocean, we drove through another town looking for lunch and were slowed by a funeral procession. Instead of the families in black and parade of cars, we watched as loved ones, dressed brightly, sand loudly and marched proudly in the street, a painting of the deceased in their arms. I think I'd like to be remembered with music and joy, rather than sadness and quiet, too.

Dinner was shrimp smothered in garlic (probably one of the last shrimp dishes I'll have in quite some time) and fried plaintains, something admittedly new for me and a dish I'd try again.

We admittedly turned in early - I'd forgotten what the hot sun takes out of you. Looking forward to my last full day in Puerto Rico!

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bhelenj said...

Sounds like you are having a nice relaxing time.