Monday, July 7, 2008

Green karma and other Monday thoughts

It's Monday morning. Our work e-mail has been cut off from the outside world. It's a perfect excuse to get online and share a few quick thoughts:
  • Is there a such thing as green karma? I've taken to drafting posts on paper while my kids are playing, so I can reduce my screen time. However, several of my torn-out pages have gone missing! Payback for paper waste?
  • There are things I never thought I would say as a parent. Like, "Pick up your mess, or no farmers market today." But the best? "Honey, don't wash the garlic in the bathroom."
  • I committed this month to reduce my plastic bag usage. So far, my count is at two. My lesson learned? Even if you think you're going in for one item, bring a bag just in case.
  • I'm still surprised that with the number of stores selling reusable bags that so few people are using them. The checkout boy at Kroger this weeked was utterly confused - and even tried to double-bag them.
  • My cousin, who visited from Arizona this weekend, was appalled by the lack of convenient recycling here in Indiana. I've lamented the lack of services here, but my aunt has it worse - there is no curbside recycling in her town, and she has to travel to recycle papers. I've toyed with the idea of hording my #5 plastic stuff so it can be recycled later, but it comes down to a space, time and gas issue. So my question is this: Given gas costs, how far would you drive to recycle?


Chile said...

"Don't wash the garlic in the bathroom." LOL!

Re driving to recycle, are there any other errands she does that take her by a recycling center? Even if it was a once a month trip, save it up and combine with other driving. Also, trying to absolutely minimize the materials to be recycled would help a bit.

Lisa said...

To funny! Check out my blog, I have pictures and reviews of my shopping bags. Also a challenge you may like.

Lisa said...

Forgot to say one of the bags I have pictured on my blog stays in my purse at all times for those random store stops. :)

Corie said...

I feel your aunt's pain. I drive about 25 minutes round-trip to recycle. Isn't it lovely? No curbside recycling in Danville unless you pay for it. I do try to combine the trip with something else so it's not a complete waste of gas and energy, though.

Robbie said...

I really have a hard time with the concept of charging users to recycle. Don't cities learn that they'll save money in the long run with less landfill space used? It is still surprising to me. Even growing up (more years ago than I care to admit), I remember my grandparents had curbside recycling of bottles and cans. And that was in small-town Wisconsin!