Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Beating bad habits, revisited

I have a problem. A big problem. And it comes in 44-oz. containers.

Diet Coke is my problem. I get that. I realize that. But I am trying to take steps to someday recover from my craziness. I liken it to a smoker in a bar - it's one part habit, one part pure addiction to caffeine.

I made the mistake of trying to make big cutbacks last month. The idea was that I'd cut back on my cans from my four-a-day habit. It didn't go so well. In fact, two, count them, two days I was able to only drink three. In fact, several days, my consumption just was worse than ever.

The other day, Chile asked if others were up for this again. I think I am. I'm still unsure how to make that change and cut back, but I'm determined to do something. So here's my three-step plan for small changes for the month of July, for those of you who have stopped laughing uncontrollably at the idea of me cutting out sodas:
  1. I will keep a large glass for water in the office and try to keep that filled.
  2. Much like I piggyback errands, I am going to make a list of tasks I need to do on the computer as to avoid the constant turning on and off of it all day.
  3. I plan to seriously watch my plastic bag intake. I have reusable bags, but occasionally I forget to have them on hand. So I'm going to have to duct tape them to myself or something! Apparently storing them behind the car seat just isn't quite clear enough for me.

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Chile said...

On the plastic bags, could you perhaps tie one to your purse strap? As soon as you pick up the purse to head into the store, it will remind you to grab the others. Yeah, yeah, I know you have to remember to tie it on there!