Sunday, July 27, 2008

Going green with Emeril

The demise of "Emeril Live" on the Food Network brought much sadness to my husband and 3 year old. The pair had made a tradition of watching "Live" - fondly known as "Man's Cooking Show" in our household - each night.

This week, though, I made two discoveries: One, we have TV on demand, and it doesn't cost anything extra. Two, Emeril is on it.

Emeril has launched "Emeril Green" on the fledgling Discovery Green network, which is finally bringing a few more shows on the air. Rather than his usual "event" shows like "Emeril Live," this show brings a person one-on-one with Emeril to solve a cooking dilemna, from shopping at Whole Foods to cooking and sampling the dishes.

I haven't been brave enough to attempt any of the meals yet, but they're definitely caught our interest. I think my family's found a new show to watch, and the great thing is, we don't have to push back our bedtime to enjoy it.

Feeling like a foodie? Find his recipes here.

Photo from Google image search.

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