Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100th post already

I logged on this afternoon and couldn’t believe it – my 100th post! Of course, this is a testament to three things: that I love to write, that I have a "must do it now before I forget" way of living and that I can’t be quiet.

Writing an environmental blog for people who are newer to the idea of being green has been a fun experiment. A year ago, I felt that recycling my newspapers, cans and plastic bottles was making a difference. Yes, it does, help but we can do much, much more to make this world a safer place for future generations.

I’ve enjoyed sharing as I learn, and I appreciate you all reading my vents when I just don’t understand people.

If you have a great tip, question or something you’d like to read here, post a comment or e-mail me at goinggreenmama at gmail.

Just for fun: The weirdest way to find me? Being a Web person by day, I am in love with Google Analytics. And it cracks me up how people are finding this site. Terms like “edible landscaping,” “new parents going green” or “green parenting” don’t surprise me. But what about:

  • 10 benefits to raising gas prices (Are there benefits?)
  • are yoshino cherries edible? (What are yoshino cherries?)
  • caffeine fix at the office (OK, maybe I’ve rambled too much about my addiction.)
  • how far will a golf cart go (I don’t know!)
  • pennsylvania "mail pieces" (Never have been to Pennsylavnia)
  • mama's golf (I don’t golf.)
  • ted mininni (Um, hi Ted??? Not sure how you showed up here...)
Have a great day!


Corie said...

Hey, I can provide some insight into the yoshino cherry search! That's the kind of tree we have in our front yard, and I think I put it in a comment here one time. Funny how using that word just one time on your blog has found you. Must mean your blog is ranking pretty high in the search engines, I guess! BTW, I thought you couldn't do Google Analytics on blogs, since we don't have access to the code (or at least I don't, in Typepad) for the default page? Am I missing something? Congrats on 100!

Robbie said...

Corie- I am haven't used typepad but if you have access to the code for your template (which I'm assuming you do, since you changed your art and layout) you can import your tracking code there. If you need a crash course on GA, I'd be happy to help you out sometime!

Carol Michel said...

Congrats on the 100th post. It is curious how your blog gets found, and what search terms are used. I love Google Analytics for that alone!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens