Sunday, July 13, 2014

Ice Age Exhibit: Only a few weeks before you'll be frozen out

While scientists and weathermen are discussing this week's polar vortex, hearken back to a time where a just a dozen degrees cooler temperatures would have been a blessing.

The Indiana State Museum's exhibit Ice Age Giants: The Mystery of Mammoths and Mastodons will be in Indianapolis only a few more weeks, so be sure to stop in and check out the Midwest back in time.

Our family visited the mastadons, mamoths and other Ice Age animals earlier this year, and it was a great treat for our paleontologist wannabe.
This exhibit gives your fossil-hunting, all-things-prehistoric-obsessed kids plenty of Pleistocene points of interest - regardless of their age.

The kindergartener loved digging for bones (no surprise, as he loves doing the same in the Children's Museum archaeology area).

His older sister loved exploring the exhibits
And there were opportunities to get hands-on!

Don't be frozen out of this experience. The exhibit closes Aug. 17, 2014.
You still have a few more weeks. The Ice Age exhibit is included with admission to the Indiana State Museum.

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