Monday, April 12, 2010

Fake plastic worms

Ever since my daughter got a fishing pole for her fourth birthday, she's been aching to learn how to use it.

Today, weather and schedules collided, and she got her opportunity to go fishing with her dad. After assembling his and her poles, the pair walked off to one of our neighborhood ponds.

It wasn't long before they returned, due to the simple fact that she'd already broke her reel.

But as my husband explained what happened, he said he need to do something about her "worms" she'd gotten along with the pole from grandma.

"She probably won't be able to catch anything with it," he explained. "There's no scent; the fish won't bite. I'll probably have to get some spray for it."

I just shook my head. So we have fake plastic worms. That we need to buy a fake scent for. I'm just wondering if a little "reality" might just be better - Why not dig up the real thing?

1 comment:

Janel said...

I agree -- and you get the added fun of digging up the squishy squirmy worms. If I was a fish I'd go for the real thing.