Thursday, April 15, 2010

Actions speak louder than words

Weeks before a primary election, we have five candidates for U.S. Senator in one party, and not a peep has been spoken about the air we breathe. Or the quality of our food. Our the cleanliness of the water. Or the basic building blocks of our health and well being.

(Unless of course, you count a little thing called health care reform.)

The very people who could be representing our state instead have rallying cries that sound like the me-too's of high-school students. Even the media reports that there is very little difference in what these candidates say. When they have an opportunity to pledge support for creating healthier environment, and thus, a healthier future, I've heard few words, if any, spoken.

So when Erin posed the question for the APLS Carnival whether personal or political change is more important, I say the change I can believe in is the change I make myself.

Here's the deal. I think the actions by our leaders the last few years have left people increasingly disheartened with the political system. And if we feel we can't trust them with the big decisions - like creating jobs, ensuring adequate health care, educating our children - how can we trust them with the details of reversing damage done to our environment through lax legislation and enforcement over the decades?

The reality is I can write letters. I can make phone calls. I can rally my neighbors. But in the end, the only person I can trust to make changes is myself. So I'll start with the simple actions I can take, trust that someone else might be listening and hope for the best from there.

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