Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Motivation: APLS Carnival Roundup

Whether it's the grey skies, the formidable temperatures and road conditions or dearth of motivational checkpoints, winter has a way of damping the best of our intentions.

Maybe that's why we had a smaller group chiming in on ways to remotivate yourself in the winter months.

Yet a small force of APLS bloggers shared their tips and successes in staying green in the winter months. For many, it's a time to change focus and turn to planning and evaluation.

Earlier this month, I wrote about my personal challenges in staying motivated in the winter months, and how I'm working to overcome them. "Not every moment of our lives is - or should be - about doing. Sometimes we need a little quietness in our lives."

Over at Compost Happens, we're reminded that winter can be a good time to plan for the future. Without the distractions of outside chores, we can focus on improving things indoors. "Cabin fever might not be curable, but making space on the basement shelves or purging the excess from a closet feels productive."

Meanwhile, in Colorado, Kellie at the Greenhab has caught spring fever. Her home has been busy planning for gardens and summer camps, flirting with new recipes in cookbooks and trying new things she'd might have not done had it not been frigid inside. "My showers may be longer and hotter than they are in the summer months and I may drive more often than walking, but there are just as many sustainable things to do inside during these dark days of winter that will pull us through to the inevitable days of spring," she writes.

Steph at Greening Families turns her thoughts to the home office. "When I am racing a deadline, I sometimes have a hard time maintaining my motivation for green habits, especially the ones that take a little extra time. " My favorite tip - though for a motivation of an entirely different manner - is conserving through keeping those office supplies out of the reach of eager fingers. Can't tell you how many sheets of work papers have been scrawled on lately by wannabe writers.

Erin at the Green Phone Booth writes how it's time to focus on the positive. Remember that old adage about "smile, and the happiness will follow?" She points out it's the same with any positive change. Focus on the positive, and more good ideas will flow. So start today by listing all of the changes you've made in the recent months. "Yes, the winter is dreary, the root vegetables endless. Yes, the long, gravelly path to sustainability is the road less traveled. But, look how much we have done!" she writes.

While we had a quiet month this month, I hope you join us for March's topic. Visit the APLS Carnival site for the March's topic. If you're interested in hosting for our spring or summer season, e-mail me at goinggreenmama at gmail dot com.


Steph @ Greening Families said...

Robbie, thanks again for both the thought provoking topic and hosting!

Tina Cardone said...

Thanks for hosting! I definitely am among those who lacked the motivation to contribute because these winter blahs have gotten to me. I look forward to reading the contributions of those who planned ahead and who continue to write regularly. Thanks to all of you!