Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kindergarten readiness: A colorful problem?

We've recently come to terms that we're soon to be parents of a kindergartener. We had our first school visit this month, and talked with the teachers about kindergarten readiness skills. Knowing colors was up on the list.

That evening, I sorted through the mail and got the first of my seed packages. As usual, I dabbled in the heirloom varieties and those that were more unusually colored than others. After all, the multicolored beans were a hit last year. I realized, then, that we may have a problem on our hands.

What color are beans?
Yellow. Or purple.

What color is a cauliflower?
Purple. Or orange.

What color are tomatoes?
Gold. Orange. White.

What color is kolhrabi?

Oh, who am I kidding? Most kids don't know what kolhrabi is!


Ashley said...

The good thing is that when they're tested on colors, they are usually shown a crayon or a colored square and asked what that color is.'s when the teacher starts asking about "science colors" that may cause some confusion :)

Teachers (for that age) like to simplify. Like saying apples are green, yellow or red. Not "part red, part yellow" like my fuji apple.

-From someone who spends way too much of her time testing 6 year olds :)

Robbie said...

Oh, I'm sure that's the case. I wasn't completely serious about it all! We just like to introduce a little more color in our veggies, that's all.