Monday, January 26, 2009

Bobbing for applesauce

Spending a cold winter's day cuddled with blankets, books and a warm fire is no longer an option in Mommyland. But spending the morning baking is.

Paired with my favorite little chef, I spent Sunday morning getting caught up on my cooking. Menus were planned, "cheesy bread" was baked for the next morning's breakfast and applesauce simmered in my crock pot.

And of course, my favorite helper was there for the festivities. As she's too young for knives, her task is to wash the apples for Mommy to slice. And so she did.

The water turned on. The water turned off. And drip, drip, drip, the water trailed its way from our bathroom to the kitchen counter as one by one, my daughter brought each freshly scrubbed apple my way. And then I heard a large rush of water.

I raced to our bathroom, where I found: My daughter. With a sopping wet towel that was splashing water over each side of the sink. And a dozen apples bobbing up and down inside the basin.

Sigh. At least she helped!

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Corie said...

Ha! Just chalk it up to one of those moments you can laugh at later! :o)