Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Are snow days green days?

Today we were blessed with about 11 inches or so, give or take a bit for snow drifts. It's the first significant snow of the season, and needless to say the area has been shut down. We didn't have our neighborhood streets cleared until an hour or so ago.

There are some distinct benefits to being stuck at home. First, my commute is pretty good -- I trudge to the PC. This saves time, money, gas for me (and whoever would have to rescue me!), wear on the car, etc. (I say this, realizing that my actual time worked and submitted will be about half of a typical day anyway.)

Second, I don't have to worry about pressing an outfit for today. (Who am I kidding? I'd be in a sweater if I did get out.) So more time and electricity saved.

Third, meetings get cancelled. Never a bad thing. (And you can argue more gas savings there, as I work off-site and inevitably have to commute.)

So I can quietly count my carbon offsets, right? Not exactly.

The quiet was shattered by snowblowers blasting through the snowdrifts on the driveways.

The heater was taxed as the garage door was open, letting in the cold air. And the in-and-out of a 3 year old who desperately wants to play outdoors in the snow but has a difference of opinion over the temperature outside.

The trash count in my home goes up exponentially as the oldest discovers papers of stickers and a box of Band-Aids, all of which decorate her ball, her kitchen, her body, the table.

For now, though, all is quiet. The kids are resting, as are the local snowblowers. And for now, I'll sip some tea and enjoy the beauty of the sun sparkling on the snow, a sight I haven't enjoyed in nearly a year.

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