Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A sweet treat and other ideas

While my brain defrosts from this cold snap, I thought I'd share a few green thoughts from around the Web:

I never know what to do with those candy canes that somehow we acquire. Now I know. Crunchy Chicken posts a how-to on making candy cane sugar scrub.

Looking for something different to do this holiday season? One Green Generation shares ideas on new holiday traditions you can incorporate. The idea of reading a traditional Christmas tale - even over the phone - hit close to home for me. For a few years, my brother and I had a great tradition of opening our presents over the phone. For a guy who was hundreds of miles from family, that little bit of togetherness counts.

Can't we all just get along? Maybe, maybe not. Jennifer at 5 Minutes for Going Green ponders whether people treat you differently based on your environmental stance.

Finally, for having the most creative excuse ever for missing a deadline - an attack by Rocky the flying squirrel in her home - here's a belated submission to the December APLS blog carnival by simple.green.organic.happy on the 3 R's to live by and how to instill them into future generations.

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